Better Work Ethiopia Annual Report 2022

30 Jan 2022

Better Work Ethiopia Compliance Synthesis Report (January- December 2021)

Better Work Ethiopia has been implemented since 2019 in the framework of an ILO program called ‘Advancing Decent Work and Inclusive Industrialization in Ethiopia,’ or “SIRAYE‟. It operates on national, regional, and factory levels, involving different ILO departments and key global institutions, namely SCORE, Vision Zero Fund (VZF), LABADMIN, and INWORK to address the key challenges to advance decent work in Ethiopia as one Programme. Moreover, gender considerations are mainstreamed across these components to deliver effective and need-based services. In many countries, Better Work, SCORE, INWORK, and VZF operate in parallel. However, in Ethiopia, the programs and departments are aligning their service packages and developing a new service model that brings the specializations of each program to address the unique needs of the garment and textile industry in the country.

Compliance assessment- Data from 2021

The Programme conducted 30 regular unannounced factory assessments to provide an overview of factory performance in meeting national and international labour standards and using management systems. About one thousand two hundred eighty-three (1,283) issues were identified. Out of these issues, seven hundred thirty-three (57%) are remediated, while two hundred fifty two (20%) are in progress and two hundred ninety-three (23%) are pending. The majority of the issues (746) are related to the OSH management system and non-compliance issues. Other non-compliances relate to working hours, overtime, compensation, contracts and HR.

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