Better Work Vietnam: Training courses for 2024

23 Feb 2024

Better Work Viet Nam will continue to offer a wide range of training courses tailored to the needs of the industry in 2024.

Course outline 2024

Better Work Viet Nam's training course outline for 2024.


This year, Better Work Viet Nam offers more new and advanced training topics to accommodate different training needs of Better Work and non-Better Work factories.

  1. Waste treatment in garment/footwear factories – New
  2. Management systems in OSH and Human resources – New
  3. Risk management in OSH and Human resources – New
  4. Forced labor prevention in garment/footwear factories – New
  5. Child labor prevention in garment/footwear factories – New
  6. Social and health insurances for garment/footwear industry – NEW
  7. Grievance mechanisms for good social dialogue – Advanced

In 2024, Better Work Viet Nam will provide many new eLearning topics to meet the different training needs of factories. Factories joining Better Work Viet Nam program can use your 15-training day credits to register the eLearning all year around. Specifically, with 3-day training credits, factories can register 2 eLearning and 2 direct coaching sessions with Better Work trainers. Non-Better Work factories can also register the eLearning with Better Work Viet Nam.

  1. eLearning Introduction to Industrial Relations – New
  2. eLearning Risk Management in garment/footwear factories – New
  3. eLearning Grievance mechanisms for industrial relations – New
  4. eLearning Respectful workplaceNew
  5. eLearning Impacts of purchasing practices on factory working conditions in the garment industry New
  6. eLearning Workplace cooperation and communicationNew
  7. LEARNING VIDEO PACKAGE – Problem solving, Gender equality, Emergency evacuation procedure for OSH worker group 4, First aids for workers and OSH collaborator network in factories – New

Better Work Viet Nam’s training formats in 2024 are also diversified to meet different training conditions of factories.

  1. In-person training: Public, in-factory and other training venues in provinces
  2. Virtual training: Via Zoom
  3. eLearning: Self-learning participants using an account to log in Better Work learning platform
  4. GOPY: Mini learning sessions on GOPY on the mobile phone
  5. Other digital learning: An app is installed on the mobile phone and participants log in under the factory account

In 2024, Better Work-factories can access The Factory Ambassador Training Program (FAP) by registering 8 courses as marked “FA training courses” on the calendar.

In-factory training

The dates on the Training Calendar are for public training. For in-factory training, please contact us for more information.

Contact us

Better Work-factories are entitled to claim public courses from your 15-training day credit.  Please note that your unused training days cannot be “carried over” into your next service cycle with Better Work Viet Nam.

We would like to recommend factories to develop your Training Plan for 2024 based on your training need analysis with your enterprise advisor’s consultation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our training in 2024!

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