Promoting gender inclusive working conditions on the factory floor for decent work and productivity

29 Apr 2022

This case study shares the results of collaborative work between Better Work and SCORE, identifying barriers to gender equality, and establishing how addressing these gaps can improve working conditions and productivity. The study zooms in on Better Work’s and SCORE’s engagements with the garment, construction and retail sectors to promote gender equality for productivity and decent work at the enterprise level. While barriers to gender equality play out across different levels, including globally and nationally, this case study shows how gender-based barriers within a company’s sphere of control can be addressed. By addressing these barriers, businesses find improvements in gender equality, working conditions, as well as productivity.

This is part of a broader series looking at “Productivity Ecosystems for Decent Work” that identifies key drivers of productivity and studies how they can promote decent work and economic growth. Concrete examples – in this case an effort to address gender inequality – are presented of how the ILO facilitated or promoted change that led to positive impact on productivity and decent work, especially for small to medium enterprises. Read the full study for key takeaways that could be applied to other companies in these sectors seeking to address productivity and gender equality.


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