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Better Work Ethiopia

To promote occupational safety and health (OSH), the programme aims to establish a sustainable workplace injury prevention, protection and compensation system.

To achieve sustainable and inclusive compliance with International Labour Standards and national labour laws, SIRAYE works with the Ministry of Labour and Skills at federal and regional level to enhance the labour inspection system and supports factories to develop and sustain a culture of compliance, self-check, sound industrial relations and social dialogue. 

The programme uses an adaptive management approach. At the enterprise level, this approach focuses on the diversification and competitiveness of local manufacturing industries in global markets. At the institutional level, this approach aims to increase enterprise support and create systemic and policy-level changes.

Better Work Ethiopia operates in 32 factories, employing more than 40,000 workers of which 87% are women. SIRAYE, through its Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) component, supports factories to improve productivity and competitiveness. The intervention focuses on building the technical capacity of individual trainers and national institutions to embed SCORE and provide need-based training and advisory services to enterprises. 

SIRAYE will continue to work towards improving industrial relations, working conditions and dispute prevention as well as building capacity for dialogue and collective bargaining at the enterprise, sectoral and national levels. In addition, it will continue assisting the Government and social partners with the development of minimum wage setting mechanisms and necessary capacity to set and adjust minimum wages in a sustainable manner. 

SIRAYE impact video

In this video we talk to beneficiaries of SIRAYE programme to understand the impact of the programme.
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