Lower temperatures; higher productivity

12 Aug 2020

With 4,000 workers, Gildan Activewear Rivas II, S.A., a garment factory in the country, installed air-conditioning three years ago. The Sae-A Technotex invested in the cooling system at the beginning of the operation to provide their 3,300 workers with optimal conditions to fullfil their job requirements. According to previous factory management, in workplaces that did not have this type of system, workers are required to exert more effort, leading to increased physical fatigue and poor performance.

“The costs are worth the benefits, as we observed a high satisfaction by both workers and the company,” said the General Manager of Sae-A Technotex. “Providing them with the appropriate conditions reduces the risks to which they may be exposed, preserves their health, and prevents them from picking up diseases derived from dehydration, leading to achieving results in production.”

“The environment was so warm that all workers would leave the factory very sweaty. Before the system, we had to open the emergency doors for the air to enter. The new air-
conditioning system changed our working environment conditions completely. Now we feel better at work, we are more productive because we reach production goals earlier to go home.”
Aloika Patricia Gutierrez García, sewing operator in Gildan Activewear Rivas II, S.A. Factory, with 13 years of experience

“In the factory I used to work before, there were no fans and it was so warm. We saw many high blood pressure problems, mainly among women, because they could not wear shirts without sleeves. In my current factory, we don’t feel the heat at 1 pm from outside. It is always cool inside and there is some oasis with frozen water. I keep myself more relaxed, fresher and people get up less from their posts, compared to the other one, because they feel less suffocated.”
Lesther Antonio Mendoza Orozco, Production control supervisor in Sae-a Echnotex Factory, 13 years of experience.

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