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Better Work Sri Lanka

Launched in February 2022, Better Work Sri Lanka aims to improve the working conditions and competitiveness of Sri Lanka’s garment and footwear industry.

Better Work, together with the ILO Sri Lanka office, is conducting an intervention in Sri Lanka in close collaboration with national constituents and other relevant actors in the garment industry.  Since the 1980s, the garment industry has been the largest exporter in Sri Lanka’s economy, employing a majority of women workers. Better Work will support the national partners representing the government, employers’ and workers’ organizations in Sri Lanka to promote international labor standards, more effective partnerships, and sound industrial relations.

Better Work Sri Lanka’s activities are designed to contribute to achieving three strategic goals focused on the thematic areas of data and evidence, gender equality and inclusion, occupational safety and health (OSH), and productivity and business performance.  The activities of the current phase will be implemented until June 2023. This includes the introduction of bipartite OSH committees across Sri Lanka through National OSH Industry Advisors to promote social dialogue and OSH management systems. Better Work does not offer its traditional factory engagement package in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: Our Team

Dedicated, professional local and international staff members are the driving force behind Better Work Sri Lanka.

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Management team

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Kesava Murali Kanapathy

Programme Manager

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